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"Low carbon" two meetings to take paper operation

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  "A low carbon economy", the country in the 2010 one of two meetings the focus of attention. And in this year's NPC meeting of the organization, including "committee manual" folio decrescent, reporters paperless, make an appointment "stone paper" and so on many of the details are in the practice of "a low carbon economy" concept.

  March 1,, the Chinese people's political consultative conference 11 th three conference news spokesman ZhaoQiZheng said, member of the proposal submitted from all circles of life to see, "a low carbon economy" is the Chinese people's political consultative conference this year the focus of attention of the issue. The reporters in a low carbon way received the national political consultative conference held 11 th three meetings of the news conference SMS notification. The Chinese people's political consultative conference, director of the ZhangJingAn said that this year for the first time all the political consultative conference newsgroups released information network, no longer print reporter manual text information.

  The Chinese people's political consultative conference repeatedly involved in the work SongGuoPing told reporters the newsgroups, said this year reporter's interview appointment processing, also the first to realize "paperless". "The reporter for members of the submitted online interview appointment, political consultative conference through the network of newsgroups complete reservation and accept opinions, again through text messages of members will reply told reporters. Before, these all have to go through fax, single me a person to handle the interview appointment, he has hundreds of." Reporters also found that 11 th National People's Congress conference news center three times on the website, and AD hoc "contact interview" column, reporters can through the network can login way, submit interview content. In addition, the National People's Congress on the website and the news center for the mainland media, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan media and overseas media interview manual of available for download.

  The Chinese people's political consultative conference of general affairs, told reporters the meeting in addition to follow to provide last year of a laptop computer, U plate and "paperless office" measures outside, still added some "low carbon measures", including "committee manual" smaller, staff manual folio with GeDingBen, try to reduce paper file.

  The reporter still from the National People's Congress to realize, 11 th National People's Congress, three times the conference webapps, WenJianDai will first used "environmental protection stone paper", it is reported, this kind of main raw material for the paper can degrade the calcium carbonate for stone powder, still have waterproof, writing good, printing performance is good, articulation higher characteristic. Compared with the traditional papermaking technology, production not water requirement, also do not produce waste gas, water and other hazardous waste. Because of "stone paper" production unit of energy consumption for the traditional paper only two-thirds of the process, "stone paper" lower prices.

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