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Paper industry: downstream demand ascending slowly, and carry out the situation general price

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  This week the paper printing plate behind the trend. This week 2.15% up; plate behind csi 300 index (this week rose 2.41%) 0.26%. We think, whether from the fundamentals or valuations, paper plate at present are at the bottom, plate is expected to receive certain valuations repair, but the fundamental does not support big level rebounded. We expect, demand will determine whether picks up the raw and processed materials and the paper price movements, also on the plate in the first half of the fundamentals of whether there will be better investment opportunities. We think, of quantity of ascension for the library to dealers will stimulate more than prices on its influence.

  International plasma price rise this week, the European coniferous plasma rises to 2.81%, and 2.60% in the price of hardwood pulp. For four monthly reports dish, Arauco silver star has long association customer order market rumours this agreement sales amount is fair. This week, the domestic price of slurry smooth, acerola plasma market different paper enterprises have different attitude, large life paper, special paper mill can accept this price hikes, but has made it clear that the current price is to accept the highest price, and accept the order quantity reduced by 30% or more; And culture is in conflict with the mill is stronger, the most is still in talks to stage, is not yet the conclusion.

  This week the international waste paper prices back down. This week, the waste WaiPan market MIX this week prices sharply, other market fluctuations label is not big. Reason: it is built this week across the fire, lead to recent cannot normal order of low-cost source appear; 2 it is fuyang district has started to stop production mill, lower demand.

  Paper price is rising trend. ShuangJiaoZhi aspects, this week ShuangJiaoZhi price stability in the majority, stable demand, some manufacturers shout goes up, but the actual execution limited. White cardboard, white cardboard basic market stability, this week, white cardboard market main fundamental key is still pushing prices policy. The mill announced earlier this month after prices, some dealers also offer a modest increase. Glossy paper, recent paper paper market manufacturer carry up the majority, increase in 100-200 yuan/ton, dealers with manufacturer of rhythm, lift up the shelves, but the actual execution price for the most price price.

  Box board paper, each big mill have shout goes up, but the downstream accept limited, more stable to give priority to. Domestic whole demand has no significant increase.

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