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Plasma price ZhiJia risen part mill or will be forced to shut down

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  Continuous ZhiJia rise and didn't give the papermaking enterprises of surprises, because as a raw material of pulp gains more rapidly. People said to reporters have papermaking industry with cost pressure increases, the part of the paper mills of the situation facing to shut down.

  Pulp or for ZhiJia 1.5 times

  The latest statistics show that some paper prices have to 2008 years of history in high again. Last week, in a single week rise in bond paper between 5.7% and 1.5%, ShuangJiaoZhi rose 1.4%-2.9%. Wrapping paper or are more impressive, and white board ZhiJia weeks or a maximum of 9.8%, white cardboard weekly or is up to 2.9%. This week is still in continue rise.

  But, ZhiJia rise but does not increase paper of the profits of the business space, because prices are more rapidly to paper pulp of speed up.

  This round of price increase of slurry from accounts for 8% of the global commodity plasma capacity Chile earthquake. It is reported, Chile the affected by the quake shut down the capacity of 3.53 million tons of paper pulp, accounting for 6% of global production. International plasma price then sharply, the domestic price of plasma in nearly two days rose also frequently, or high reached 700 ~ 1000 yuan/ton. Overall, pulp or about the same period ZhiJia 1.5 times.

  "Over there to resume production, repair Chile power, highway, dock, counting on the shipment, almost three to four months of time to recover supply. This within a period of time, plasma price will continue to go up." In fujian, also have a pulp and paper mill in the business of head says. He revealed that the company produces the short fibers in next week will again raise prices pulp.

  "The price rise in the ZhiJia slurry before, the papermaking enterprises profits have already very thin. Now import plasma prices have topped 7000 yuan/ton, all the wood pulp paper also sell only to 7000 yuan/ton, basic's no money." The controller tells a reporter, at present, the paper mills are mainly rely on the inventory in maintaining the operation, prices strong demand. He revealed, after the former round after refiners, at present a few big culture suppliers and plan in the paper for a second rise, to relieve cost pressure.

  On cost were questioned

  But at the same time, the paper mill can pass on the cost but whether smooth is under question.

  "Now needs a good paper products such as copperplate, white card, passed on ability are relatively good, but the rest of the paper to the supply and demand has been in saturated, it's hard to completely to downstream pressure release cost." Securities paper industry analysts expressed LiShiXin told reporters that in this round of price increase of plasma in Indonesia, Lin paper manufacutring integration enterprise can largely through the pulping paper business profits for business losses, and benefit from, the southern wood production outsourcing wood pulp way to the business will get 45 to 55% of the net profit increase. But he also mentioned, because the market supply and demand tends to whole saturated, paper pulp of low rate of self-reliance "workshop type" enterprise could not completely on the cost, so will inevitably face a operating pressure.

  And the mill personage also think, after years of continued expansion paper capacity, high pressure will still on downstream stock market price forming continued suppression. "Believe some factory in the next step would be to shut down. And yields, market supply and demand, price after a gradual change in the pattern can go up."

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