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Jiangxi our first make world stone paper industry base

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  HuNian Spring Festival, jiangxi ruichang city industrial park news came, by our chuas papermaking machinery equipment Co., LTD. Is the production of the first piece of stone paper in our province declared come out, this also mark the first real sense of stone paper industrialization demonstration base established in our success.

  Jiangxi chuas papermaking machinery equipment Co., LTD. In the end of 2009, which has formally settled in our, the total investment 500 million yuan, mainly engaged in papermaking technology research and development, the stone stone papermaking machinery equipment production. Stone paper is a new paper technology, and the traditional papermaking technology is different, this is world paper industry "milestone" revolution; The paper the main raw materials for calcium carbonate powder, the whole process not wood pulp, no water, no strong acid, strong alkali, bleach, not discharge waste water and gas and waste residue, have energy-saving, environmental protection, no pollution characteristics. According to the chairman of the company CaiMaoYou introduces, although at present paper technology has been developed successfully stone, but not yet mature, the construction cost is higher; And the company developed cost, compared with the traditional craft stone paper can reduce the more than two-thirds, paper and other inorganic mineral content in calcium carbonate as high as 80% above, be helpful for energy conservation, emissions reduction and environmental protection, is real "a low carbon economy".

  According to information, jiangxi chuas papermaking machinery equipment Co., LTD. In our, in the local communist party government support, to create the world's first stone paper industry base. The base points two phase of construction, a phases of the project built in the end of 2010, after the production is predicted to sales revenue of $1 billion, RMB 100 million yuan, after the completion of the second phase of a comprehensive, is expected to the sales income may amount to 2 billion yuan, RMB 200 million yuan. At present, the company's stone papermaking machinery equipment has connected guangdong, zhejiang, the customer more large order, contract intention amount is as high as one hundred million yuan.

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