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Paper green technology: the pursuit of environmental protection and economic benefit taken into account

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  Foy, papermaking group President Hans Peter sorin case, said dr. Energy, pulp and paper production cost water consumption occupy 70% % above, thus foy for the whole plant, science and technology innovation, reduce three big consumption recycling waste water and waste residue, help enterprises to realize clean production and reduce the cost

  Recently, Twogether journals green technology this topic interviewed foy, papermaking group President Hans Peter sorin dr gee.

  Hans Peter sorin dr gee expounds the deep meaning of green technology, "as energy prices continue to rise and all environmental regulations has been improved, more and more of the industry will begin to pay close attention to sustainable development and energy-saving technology. Now, almost all areas are advocating the concept in. For foy's paper, green technology in the paper for both environmental and economic benefit of the process."

  Twogether: now, everyone talking about sustainable development, the paper foy, green technology is in order to conform to the current trend?

  Sorin dr gee: foy's paper is never follow the crowd. Foy for his position is, the papermaking industry technical pioneer, the concept of sustainable development put forward as well. This concept include environmental, social and economic fields. Because of this, we foy's paper as early as many years ago, just established based on sustainable development as the direction of the development strategy. In the early 1950 s, foy's paper began to research and development the waste paper recycling utilization technology. Although the situation after great changes have taken place, but foy, sticking to the environmental protection with high efficiency production technology. As early as in energy prices rose sharply before foy's research and development team have developed energy-saving paper machine.

  Twogether: environmental protection product is very expensive, in the current economic situation, the papermaking enterprises which have the ability to invest such equipment.

  Sorin dr gee: your this idea is wrong. Foy's green technology is in pay attention to the economic benefits for both the environmental protection. Foy's new technology can greatly reduce the production process of the resource consumption, reduce cost for customer. The vast majority of paper production, energy, pulp and water consumption will account for more than 70% of the cost of production %. If from these aspect, appropriate improvement on production process, not only can alleviate the pressure of environmental protection, and reduced investment, this is the important place green technology. At present, the waste paper pulp production of the wrapping paper has dominated high proportion. Culture industry began to use paper recycling waste paper. At present, many customers foy existing in trying to produce newsprint, copy paper and toilet paper use high proportion of waste paper pulp. With foy's these new technology, customer size cost is expected to greatly reduced. Gluckstadt companies using foy's technology, not only reduced the usage of the original pulp, but also reduce the energy consumption and saving cost up each year millions of euros. Although recovery slurry preparation system than native slurry preparation system of big investment, but it can be in a very short time cost recovery of investment.

  Twogether: green technology is foy's new development strategy?

  Sorin dr gee: yes. We put forward after the green technology, further clarify the future development direction is to develop environmentally friendly technology. Our goal is to develop the new products or system, not only can protection changed greatly, and can provide clients with considerable economic benefit. Improved place for at least size, water, energy and waste residue in the field of 4 a. At present we are committed to three aspects of work: maximize in papermaking waste paper pulp in the production of use; The main energy consumption will paper process to the current level of under half, especially fresh water consumption; In view of the production 1 tons of paper consumes 20 tons of water and 3000 KWH, we still have a lot of can play in the room.

  Twogether: then can say, we from the idea of comprehensive paper mills step closer?

  Sorin dr gee: only the comprehensive paper mill in production to achieve the best of energy consumption, and take into account of cleaner production. This means that we have to make as much use of waste paper pulp to, in order to reduce the consumption of primary pulp. Only in this way, the papermaking industry to the survival of wood to get the most effective use of forestry to realize the sustainable development. For such as India and China have country with a population of more than is especially important, only to maintain sustainable development can be realized through the economic development, improve the paper and cardboard of consumption. Of course, we also can't completely need not native fiber, after all the waste paper fiber recycling is limited number, that is the primary fiber and waste paper must depend on each other. In addition, in the comprehensive paper mills, fresh water consumption can also to at least, as long as through the reasonable layout, the production water can in closed loop of recycling. And, thanks to the comprehensive energy consumption management, mill's main energy consumption will be significantly reduced. In addition, we can use the recycling waste to produce clean biofuels. Foy, some of the innovative concept paper has let us stay away from this more and more closer to the goal. Now, it is we actively promoting the green technology strategy and comprehensive paper mills, to ensure customer and we can all in the next stage of success.

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