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Paper industry weekly: small and medium mill downtime or inadequate construction

Number of visits: Date:2012年4月24日 10:46

  The week's news review key word: February pulp, paper imports annulus comparing reduce, backward production capacity. This week the reference news summary: cost advantages of paper drive prices continued to rise; Import plasma price continue to rise; Waste paper price cut part appear, offer few; Small and medium mill appear insufficient or stop start.

  Paper general trend: ZhiJia push by raw material costs rose. ShuangJiaoZhi prices rose 2.92% this week; Bond prices rose 2.26% this week; White cardboard prices 3.17%; Ash white paper this week the price increase of 0.64%. 2 months because demand is strong and waste paper price to rise significantly, corrugated board paper and corrugated paper prices significantly, 13.50% and 14.17% respectively: paper league-data shows huatai 1-2 months newsprint basic price remains the same; Kraft paper prices rose 1.30% in February.

  Raw material price trend: this week, the European plasma price (in euro terms) and the dollar plasma price drop to each other now, still at d high. This week of renminbi against major currencies in plasma countries on a certain degree of devaluation.

  Import main wood pulp brand price (RMB) rose 4.12% this week, monthly annulus comparing rose 23.30%.

  This week, the waste and the waste, to label waste paper waste abundant continue to rise in price, this week or were 2.56%, 2.27% and 2.71%; Month rose 9.52%, 14.22% and 15.88% respectively. For waste paper recent surge, part of the label waste paper offer appear the callback.

  Output data: paper accumulative total yield significant increase year-on-year, pulp cumulative yield high growth. The paper interest yield is 93.89 million tons, the year growth of 11.89%; 10 years on paper yield rapid growth, and 1-2 month cumulative growth of 22.22%. Pulp 09 the annual output is 19.35 million tons and growth for-6.02% : 10 years the pulp production growth, the 1-2 month cumulative growth rate as high as 41.40%. This suggests that import prices soaring recently to pulp mill turned to domestic demand pulp mill, the domestic pulp production so rapid promotion.

  Paper import quantity and amount restore fast growth, pulp import quantity and amount for import price surge or slow slurry; Advantages of rapid growth of exports paper. 1-2 month paper import quantity and value recovery rapid growth, to 21.05% and 31.56%, respectively. 1 month pulp import quantity and amount up by 31.71% and 77.91% respectively (for a low base); 2 months for import plasma price soaring, restrain pulp imports, 1-2 month total import quantity fell 8.00%; The import amount accumulative total growth slows down from 29.09% to. Points of paper to see, because of a low base, 1 month, double glue, white board copperplate paper month of growth of exports were 28.21%, 134.70% and 61.39%.

  Main advantage of this year for paper capacity expansion, namely select on new projects for the advantage of the original paper and relatively large scale expansion of the listed company as investment targets. The advantage of tons of paper paper profit has reached the stage high, the future will be more stable. For North America and northern Europe bad weather Chile earthquake and increased supply shock pulp recent price fluctuation of slurry, resistance to the cost of imported raw materials face pressure, think of the higher percentage since the pulp in control the cost has certain advantages, and at the same time we expected future medium and small mill may be unable to endure high cost will be forced to stop production or even collapse, lead to paper supplies tight, and leading enterprises will continue to lead the advantage of paper to cover up the cost price benefits.

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