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The boom of paper in the two years peaked

Number of visits: Date:2012年4月24日 10:45

  Recently the domestic price jump sharply slurry open quotation, or 700 ~ 1000 yuan/ton (or 10 ~ 15%), is rare in recent years.

  In shandong province as an example of the pulp market, 8 silver star, north wood and kelly prachanda tons price is 6700 yuan respectively, 6800 yuan and 6700 yuan, 10, has soared to 7400 yuan respectively, 7800 yuan and 7600 yuan.

  March 9,, the American market NBSK (north bleaching acerola wood pulp) prices have reached us $900 / mt, beyond the in July 2008, the highest us $892 / mt, for nearly 10 years to high.

  The European market wood pulp has also very close to 2008 high, will take over the recent.

  The soaring price of slurry trigger factor is: accounted for 8% of global commodity plasma capacity Chile earthquake caused substantial influence industry.

  In addition, the recent North America and northern Europe blizzard has also brought some influence.

  The price rise of slurry recently, will bring the south wood production outsourcing wood pulp way to the business net profit increase 45 to 55%, and in the history of the world average line wood pulp stock days, will form the foundation of the price increase of plasma power.

  Because the price of slurry rise considerably, recent all kinds of paper is expected to raise prices to pass on the cost will be part of an integrated company new profit can pulping paper business beyond the obvious because the price increase of plasma and the possible loss of earnings.

  In addition, timber prices continue to rise still in integrated company for forestry business earnings or biological asset value of ascension provided protection.

  In the paper, the rate of return to prosperity. Therefore, this year the most valued shares, JingXing paper and huatai app for integrated company.

  The boom of newsprint in 2009 in the second quarter after touch the bottom, will be in the next two years to see the top; The corresponding company that is for huatai shares. Wrapping paper industry by pulling a strong export growth, also will to boom highs (what need reminds is, the domestic export trend could remain difficult to determine), the corresponding company for JingXing paper.

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