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Puyang Longfeng Paper

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Puyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by Henan Investment Group Co., Ltd., Puyang Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Puyang economic and Technological Development Corporation. It was established in August 2003 according to the modern enterprise system. It is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of the first forest pulp paper integration project approved by the national development and Reform Commission in Henan Province, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan and a registered capital of 660.4 million yuan, of which Henan Investment Group Co., Ltd. holds 76.28%, Puyang construction and Investment Corporation 11.86% and Puyang economic and Technological Development Corporation 11.86%. It covers an area of 566 mu with 800 employees. The production line mainly includes an annual output of 108000 tons of bleached poplar chemimechanical pulp project and an annual output of 300000 tons of high-grade cultural paper project.