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Jiaozuo Ruifeng Paper

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Jiaozuo Ruifeng Paper Co., Ltd., established on November 30, 2003, is subordinate to Dahe Paper Co., Ltd. of Henan investment group. It is composed of Dahe Paper Co., Ltd. (45%), Jiaozuo Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. (36%) and Wuzhi urban construction investment and Development Co., Ltd. (19%) with a joint investment of 110 million yuan. It is the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of Henan Province Plan key construction projects. With an investment of nearly 500 million yuan, the company has built a set of poplar chemical mechanical pulp production line with an annual output of 150000 tons, a set of poplar chemical mechanical pulp board production line with an annual output of 50000 tons, a set of 10 t / h steam biogas heating boiler and supporting sewage treatment system. Through the quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system certification; the company has passed the Ministry of industry and information technology "two integration system" certification;

The p-rc-apmp production equipment and process of Austrian andriz poplar chemical mechanical pulp are introduced. The product quality index has reached the international advanced level, which can meet the needs of double offset paper, light paper, low quantitative coated paper and low and high quantitative white card. The company was awarded the "Chinese chemical mechanical pulp production benchmark enterprise" by Austria Andritz company, and awarded the "pulp and paper technology achievement certificate"; In 2010, the company registered the graphic trademark of "Ruifeng brand" chemical mechanical pulp and paper. The existing products are chemical mechanical pulp wet pulp (dryness 40%) and chemical mechanical pulp board. The products are sold to all regions in China except Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hainan and other regions.

The company was named as "the first batch of provincial key leading enterprises of forestry industrialization" by Henan Provincial Forestry Department, and won the provincial civilized unit, provincial garden unit and national secondary (papermaking) safety production standardization enterprise The top ten most popular brands of China's (International) commercial pulp have won the top ten papermaking enterprises in Henan Province for seven consecutive years; Ruifeng brand chemical mechanical pulp has been rated as "high-tech product" by Henan science and technology department;