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Zhoukou Dahe Forestry

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1、 Basic information

The company was established in December 2008 by zhoudakou Forestry Development Group Co., Ltd. The first phase project of the company is the production line with an annual output of 225000 cubic meters of medium and high density fiberboard. Taking full advantage of the rich local forestry resources, the company introduces the world's most advanced continuous flat pressing equipment of German diefenbach Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and strives to build Zhoukou forest products deep processing base. The project mainly uses wood chips, branch wood and small diameter wood as raw materials. The project aims at energy conservation and emission reduction, fully adopts the most advanced energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment in recent years, and leads the wood-based panel industry to develop in the direction of low-carbon and green environmental protection. It belongs to the comprehensive utilization of resources and circular economy project, and is a key engineering project determined by Zhoukou City.

The company now has 240 regular employees, including 4 senior executives, 1 party secretary and general manager, 1 deputy general manager, 1 secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, 1 chief accountant, 1 production management expert and 235 employees. The company has 10 functional departments, including general management department, finance department, production technology department, equipment Department, quality assurance department, storage and transportation department, marketing department, supply department, raw material department, production management department, production management department and so on Safety and environment department.

2、 Products and market situation

The company makes full use of the local rich forestry resources to build Zhoukou forest products deep processing base. The products of the company belong to the deep processing and series products of artificial forest, small-diameter wood, forest residue and agricultural waste in the forestry of the catalogue of industries, products and technologies currently encouraged by the state. They belong to the project of comprehensive utilization of resources and circular economy, and are the development direction of wood-based panel industry in the future.

At present, the company's main products are milling door panel, molded door panel, full poplar molded door panel, calendered panel, sanding panel, ultra-thin panel, light panel and other categories. The above products are widely used in door panel, furniture panel, decorative panel, floor substrate and other fields. The main product markets are Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hubei, Hunan and other places, basically covering the main national density board market.

3、 Main honors of enterprises

In November 2013, the company obtained the "carb certification" certificate issued by PFS company of the United States, which indicates that our products meet the mandatory international formaldehyde emission standards.

In December 2014, the company was awarded "provincial key leading enterprise of forestry industrialization" by the provincial forestry department.

In June 2015, the company passed the "FSC forest certification", marking that the company's products have obtained the "green pass" to sell to the European and American markets.

In April 2016, the company won the honorary title of "leading enterprise of Zhoukou City".

In December 2016, the company was awarded "provincial key leading enterprise of forestry industrialization" by the provincial forestry department.

In April 2017, Henan provincial Party committee and government awarded the honorary title of "provincial civilized unit".

In January 2020, the company passed the certification of integration of industrialization and industrialization and obtained the certificate.