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Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Baiyun paper industry has attached great importance to it, and actively put the epidemic prevention and control in the first place in accordance with the requirements of governments and investment groups at all levels. While strictly implementing various prevention and control measures, Baiyun Paper Co., Ltd. coordinated transportation externally, strengthened production control internally, and gradually restored the production of self-made pulp, finished paper and external steam supply to the level before epidemic prevention, which attracted the attention of superior units and media.

On February 18, the mobile newspaper of Zhumadian City Bureau of industry and information technology, with the title of "Baiyun Paper Co., Ltd. fighting" epidemic ", reported that Baiyun Paper Co., Ltd. raised its position, scrambled for opportunities, mobilized quickly, strengthened measures, strictly prevented and controlled, gathered the strength of fighting" epidemic ", and ensured that there were no omissions and dead ends in the epidemic prevention work.

On the basis of strict implementation of various epidemic prevention policies, Baiyun paper increased external coordination efforts to ensure the smooth arrival of raw and auxiliary materials. Faced with the shortage of personnel caused by "village closure", Baiyun paper took measures such as adjusting shift scheduling, mobilizing party members to top the shortage of personnel to ensure the operation of internal production work, especially in the critical period of the resumption of livelihood enterprises in Suiping industrial agglomeration area The boiler produces steam, which provides conditions for people's livelihood enterprises to return to work. The Municipal Federation of trade unions published "Baiyun paper: ensuring the supply of steam to help people's livelihood enterprises resume production and work", affirming the practice of Baiyun paper to overcome difficulties, shoulder social responsibility bravely and strive to ensure people's livelihood enterprises resume production and work.