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Baiyun paper industry develops first class skills

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Without first-class skilled workers, there will be no first-class products and services! In order to improve forklift operation skills and operation level, on the morning of April 8, our company organized forklift operators of all units to carry out a wonderful forklift skills competition. 38 personnel participated in the competition and showed their skills.

The forklift skills competition is divided into two competitions: forklift crossing obstacles and forklift hanging bottled water. In the forklift over obstacles competition, four bottles of bottled water were placed on the forklift tray. The competitors operated the forklift like flowing water, skillfully reversing, crossing obstacles, crossing the width limit, and circling the S-bend. In the accurate position, the bottled water on the splint was as stable as Mount Tai. The wonderful performance of the participants won the praise of colleagues! In the activity of hanging bottled water on forklift truck, forklift drivers need to take down the bottled water hanging on the rope by using the steel stick fixed on the fork tip, and transport it to the iron pole 15 meters away. This is a double test of skills and psychological quality. During the competition, the players held their breath and operated carefully. According to the regulations, they took out, transported and hung the bottles accurately. After more than three hours of fierce competition, Guo Xiang, Zhou Liang and Zheng Yaojun won the first, second and third prizes of the event.

This skill competition is not only a fierce skill competition, but also an important platform to stimulate the vitality of the talent team, cultivate talents and select talents. The players struggle in the competition, learn from each other and make progress, laying a foundation for improving the service quality.