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The fourth party branch of Ruifeng Paper Co., Ltd.

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According to the notice requirements of the Party committee of the company to carry out the party day activity with the theme of "contribute to epidemic prevention and contribute to development", the fourth party branch organized party members to carry out the party day activity with the theme of "boost the company's safety and environmental protection steady development" to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Party members.

Assist the environmental protection center to complete the civil engineering work of waste steam recovery and reconstruction project of recycled pulp workshop. The steam generated in the process of waste slurry operation is collected and recycled, and discharged to the outdoor through the pipeline, which changes the situation of spreading around through the windows and affecting the working environment in the past. Since February 25, Party members of the fourth party branch have organized party members in three groups to assist the workshop in drilling holes in the floor, installing exhaust pipes and cleaning up the site. After recent debugging, the expected goal has been basically achieved.

Paint and Anticorrosion for the valve operation platform of the main steam pipe in the company's external network. The main steam pipe valve operating platform of the company's external network belongs to outdoor equipment, which has been exposed to the wind and sun for a long time and is seriously corroded. In order to ensure the safe operation of operators and maintenance personnel, Party members of the fourth party branch polished and derusted the platform, and painted the inside and outside of the platform to prevent corrosion, so as to make the platform take on a new look.

Complete the installation of dust enclosure for sawdust recycling in raw material workshop. Sawdust in raw material workshop is the waste produced in the process of wood chip screening. In order to prevent the dust from overflowing in windy weather, it is necessary to build and install dust-proof enclosure. In the case of shortage of material receiving personnel, the fourth party branch took the initiative to undertake the heavy task of organizing party members to install dust-proof enclosure in sawdust pile by using the waste mesh eliminated in pulp and board workshop. Party members climbed up and down, tightened the construction and installation, and completed the installation of enclosure to ensure no dust spillover and the surrounding environment sanitation.

This party day activity coincides with the special period of epidemic prevention and control. The party members of the four party branches rush to the front line and face the difficulties, showing the exemplary vanguard role and pragmatic style of Party members and cadres, boosting the steady development of enterprise safety and environmental protection, and injecting power into the company's production and operation.